Vlada photograph

Operating in Berlin via Moscow, Vlada’s work as an artist is marked by her incessant travelling, and widening boundaries of perception.

From what started with formal tuition on the piano, her sonic explorations have taken her through jazz, funk, and beyond.
Caressing the nuances of melody, groove, and mood, Vlada journeys through the various strands of sound condense mesmerisingly under the curiosity of night.

As a DJ, Vlada’s framework lies in house and techno, with the odd excursion through break-beat and electro – but she’s constantly changing and growing, exploring wider ranges on style and experimenting with her musical identity. This isn’t a restlessness that‘s just confined to her music, it’s in her very nature, as someone who is constantly on the move.

Vlada’s selection and overall style matches her penchant for small, intimate, sometimes dark venues, while her natural fluidness, rhythm and internal polarity as an artist and as an individual is matched by a love and deep connection to the sea…