Sue Lynch


“Music acts as a stimulus like poetry, and can feed my imagination.”

Multi-instrumentalist Sue Lynch explores sound through woodwind instruments such as the tenor saxophone, flute, and clarinet.

In her studies, Lynch started out trying to mimic sounds she heard on early R&B records before progressing through free jazz and experimental fields, where working with electronics/performance and spoken word artists pushed her to extend her abilities and ideas.

With improvisation at the core of both her performances and compositions, her extensive work draws on diverse experiences fuelled by the cross-pollination of ideas and genres. Touching the human and physical limits of her instruments, her playing procures unconventional timbres and nuanced tonal textures.

Speed and rhythms sway in and out of phase as melodic fragments oscillate with swelling drones. Ever expanding her sources of reference, her remit is one of collaboration and unpredictability.