Free-form, yet not entirely baseless – rooted in an electro-acoustic approach that’s ultimately more human than it is synthetic. SME is a musical marriage between Mae Sme and Spr Sme, drawing upon influences from minimalists such as Terry Riley, Philip Glass, as well as classics like John Cage and Mozart.

Their structure is fluid, performing live sets together, but also frequently expanding their ensemble and sound with one or two more musicians. Mae Sme started out playing the piano and singing in a church choir at an early age, moving through classical, jazz and eventually finding electronic music. Spr Sme grew up under the discerning eye of his grandfather, a famous country musician, though quickly graduated into dark spaces with pounding kick drums and strobe lights. A vital influence to his current practice creating experimental soundscapes.

“We don’t create music with reason or try to define it. It’s all abut the feeling behind the sound. Music is our tool for spiritual perfection. We want to experience and share the beautiful inside of us.”

Live Improvisation 
2014 Rovinj, Croatia

Jurij Novoselic – flute and saxophone
Mae Sme – piano and vocals
Bora Longa – percussion
Spr Sme – sound environment