Electronic Music – a genre in itself or just a new tool allowing a
wider sound paddle?

For Hans-Joachim Roedelius as an autodidact to be enabled to create music with electronic noises-tones/sounds is inestimable.

“In my opinion, Electronic music is more than a genre in itself.
It’s a kind of new medium to express soundwise what never ever has been possible in composition with only acoustic sounds, but music as philosophy painting, sculpturing in sound. Composing with electronically generated sound material well understood in combination with the whole palette of acoustic sounds allows to create music that correlates much deeper with man’s understanding, it touches and moves the whole person on a meta-level.
Moreover, it allows the composer to be understood by the audience in an unmistakably way as a personality, (personare ad personam) a person to be clearly understood from its aims, ethics. Not that acoustic music wouldn’t be able to reach the same goal, but in my opinion, it lacks certain sound nuances and qualities that only can be generated with electronic gear.
There are still big surprises to come.”

“It was never a question to me how people categorise my music.”

“Categorization is one, the way people’s minds/listening abilities receive music the other side. It’s all up to the receiving capability of the people. I believe in the inner quality of man listening assets. I’m sure that a sort of inborn hackability knows exactly what’s good or bad for body and soul, but which gets somehow lost if the listener takes official opinions about what and how music has to be for absolutely serious and keep this in mind whilst listening to whichever music, because then he’s listening not anymore to the music itself!
Also, listeners get used to genres respectively conditioned to the sound quality of especially classical music so that they get somehow “frightened” or “bored” to listen to a new kind of especially to electronic music because it is a totally different sound universe.”

Personal Gratitude

“I feel privileged to be enabled by so many friends/supporters
to do WHAT-I WANT TO.”