Oswaldo Nicoletti, aka Orphée, displays versatility through constant experimentation in the sonic experiences that he creates. Inspired by a variety of genres involving diverse aspects and fusions of jazz, trip and hip-hop’s broken beats, flowing with the cosmic and abstract layers of ambient sounds, the elegant beauty of classical music, to the most stripped-down tribal notes.

There are no boundaries in chasing the most ordinary and simple sounds leading to the complex articulation of peculiarity. The result achieved is formulating different paths and stories extracting reality and beyond translated into its own soundscape.

As cinema perfectly master the art of assembling a visual sequence combined with dialogues and soundtracks delivering a story, a montage of coherent however unexpected melting-pot of feelings and emotions. In this vein, Orphée’s sound exploration is comparable to a cinematographic experience: a sensorial storytelling.

Recorded at Experiment Intrinsic 03 
09 April 2016 – London
Water View Room