Nicolas Lutz

Nicolas Lutz has always walked the less trodden path.
Uruguay via Berlin, his poise as a DJ is matched by his natural impulse to unearth the most peculiar and intriguing of sounds. Built upon tapestries of texture and groove, his club-sets are esoteric and enrapturing in their architecture.

Conceived through one’s own internal-external kaleidoscope of experience, Lutz’s work dances menacingly along the contestation between dark and light. Often underpinned by these tensions, there’s an otherworldliness that characterises Lutz’s aesthetic – a dreamlike surrealism that never ventures too far into intangible fantasy, constantly and playfully smearing the boundaries between realities.

Nicolas Lutz will be joining us in France this August for a rare experimental set, a sure departure from what most people will be used to hearing from the Berlin based artist.