Miss I

Bright minds may naturally be curious ones too. Hailing from Romania, Miss I’s journey began with an old mechanical device that her father used to operate at home. Of course, this machine was a turntable.

From that point on, her relationship with music and the black discs it’s pressed on has deepened and expanded to unknown pastures – and little did she know that as an adult she would be the one to form Romania’s first record store.

As any explorer of sound will experience, her journey has taken her through all walks of music, from Detroit house, funky and minimal, all the way to ambient and downtempo. Her outward proliferation is a hallmark of her DJing style – fluid and free, yet conscious and acutely positioned. Liberated from genre semantics, one can be pleasantly surprised by her performances.

“Music gives you a connection with yourself; also it changes the atmosphere in any room or place, it creates feelings, friendships, love.”