“There is the river, the trees, the sounds, this music you hear in every corner, this positive vibration of the people around. Together, it creates the inner healer within us.”

The seamless integration between sound and yogic practice is at the core of the Intrinsic philosophy. Also known as ‘Nada Brahma’, it represents the unity between frequency, movement, and awareness.

Our France edition allows us to fully explore this aspect in a warm and open environment at Le Parc de Joséphine Baker.

Curated by Marta, the yoga and workshops programme features a range of activities including Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, Kundalini yoga, Rocket yoga, Meditation, Cacao ceremonies, Sound healing, Thai massage and more.

Preparing the mind and the body begins to open up possibilities within, and with the movement, the breath, and the awareness, one can truly relax.
We invite you to join us going deeper into this space.

Kundalini and meditation sessions will take place in the mornings, vinyasa flow and meditation in the evenings, and workshops happening throughout the day.
Classes and workshops are available to all ticket holders free of charge.

We cater to all levels and warmly encourage newcomers to have a taste of what is on offer, as well as welcome experienced individuals to receive more advanced guidance.

Opportunities for one-to-one sessions throughout the weekend will also be available.

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