Experiment Intrinsic returns for our first audiovisual London edition since 2016, following a 3-day gathering in France last summer.

Departing from our previous venue, we look forward to beginning a new chapter of 12 hour overnight immersive event a historic East London building – a stunning yet homely space.


KOSMOS, a special 3D sound system, provided by Sova Audio.

The cosmos (from Ancient Greek: κόσμος) is the universe regarded as a beautifully ordered and harmonious system. The surrounding world, being one interacting entity has always fascinated Sova Audio.

Using sound synthesis and audio recording techniques their design team can paint a sonic portrait of the world around us, whether real or imaginary. They employ advanced audio technology and software to accurately reproduce natural habitats or create an entirely new world, bringing the listener to the fantasy and the surreal.


Aurora Multimedia


Please read carefully the information below ahead of the event:

100 people limited capacity – this is an intimate and immersive event, once we are full we unfortunately cannot accept any more people.
We strongly advise you to complete your invitation in advance!

Please remember that our location is a sacred and safe space for your sensory explorations.
We invite you to enjoy the trip of experimental soundscapes and projection mapping.

No smoking or alcohol is permitted inside. There will be a cafe outside open throughout the event with freshly made food and drinks – however no food or drink is to be brought inside.

Last entry is at midnight, the doors will be closed after this time. Please speak with member of our team if you need to leave during the night.

Please note that this is not a sleep-in event and for the comfort of others we ask that you don’t bring sleeping gear. The space will be heated but we advise to bring warm socks and comfortable clothes. Light blankets and bean bags will be provided on the night.

There is no guest-list for this event, except for those holding intrinsic membership.

We look forward to you joining us.

100 people limited capacity.
We strongly advise you to purchase your tickets in advance!