Nothing is ever fixed, everything is transient. Found perpetually in the spaces between, there comes a realisation that beginning and end are merely intermediary points – they become arbitrary to the mutable nature of this world. This perennial transition of states and contexts is at the core of Katabasis as an artist. In pursuit of deeper understanding, Katabasis explores these liminal spaces with an expansive and explorational treatment of sound.

Rooted in an electro-acoustic approach, the soundscapes he produces an attempt to navigate the geography of tension and release; experimentation with this polarity is, for him, an essential aspect of working with sound. With the inclusion of both acoustic instruments and synthetic sounds, his reductive approach to melody and phrasing attempts to deconstruct and subvert the traditional harmonic disciplines he originally grew up with as a child.

Beyond the confines of genre and form, the sound is a boundless medium that is able to construct and shape reality in an infinite number of ways. Through the departure from the present and the familiar, true knowledge can be acquired.