” When one sings from his soul, he cures at the same time his internal world. If everybody sings from his soul and they are one with the music, they cure at the same time also the external world. “ – Yehudi Menuhin

As a vibrant and respected vocalist, her voice has been shaped by singing since the age of 10 and the discovery of jazz along with years of experience and experimenting on a broad spectrum of musical fields and stages worldwide. The discovery of meditation and other powerful tools has allowed her go above the norm and understand that singing can transmit more than music.
While being a vocal coach for years, the profound therapeutic aspect of singing became evident to her and in order to add to her knowledge she became meanwhile a sound yoga teacher.

Mantras and Innerself

Mantras are rather mysterious. They are said to be “sound symbols” – sounds that in some way correspond to and evoke the spiritual forces. Mantra yoga is an ancient type of yoga that uses mantras to awaken the Self and deepen the meditative aspects of a physical yoga practice. It is a slow, gentle and subtle practice based on Hatha Yoga and enriched by the use of mother sounds.

We will work on deep breathing techniques, focusing primarily on allowing the body to open and access the deeper connective tissues, enhancing natural mobility in the joints and physical and mental alignment. The vibration of the sounds, the awareness of the body, and the practice of the mantras takes the student into the heart of Yoga. The Union.

In keeping with the yogic tradition we use methods & practices such as Asana (Postures), Pranayama (Breathing techniques), Pratyahara (Turning the senses inward), Dharana (Concentration)& Dhyana (Meditation). The session guides towards the meditation in which, by constant repetition of the mantra, the aspirant absorbs the power of the presiding deity that it contains, generating divine vibrations, naturally connecting and healing oneself.

Discover your own voice

We all have within ourselves the most powerful and wondrous device to heal and reconnect with ourselves: our own voice. As unique as each of us, in its frequency and colours, your voice is you.

In this workshop we will work on breathing techniques, getting “in touch/in tune with your body”, discovering the own voice with vocal exercises, opening the throat and creating a vibration, improvisation, use of body percussion, feeling your body as an instrument, cycle chanting (with words or mantras), letting go of inhibitions and fears, connecting with the own voice and inner voice, connecting with the group and feeling how you can naturally heal yourself.