Simple, abstract sounds. Shapes, movement, repetition. Warmth.

Ripples in timespace extend into the crevices of the subconscious, as textural layers drift through expanses of rhythmic colour.

Berlin-based Gwenan originates as a techno DJ, but explores darker shades of experimental music with a complementary vision. A keen ear has led her to craft an individual voice that draws just as much from the IDM and drum-focussed landscape as it does heady, trance-inducing synth music.

Her sound is captured by a dreamlike quality in which sonic undulations rise and fall through a psychosis of sequenced abstractions.

Recorded at Experiment Intrinsic 03
09 April 2016 – London
Water View Room


Ellen Fullman – Langzaam (Apollo Records)
Steevio – Taro (UntilMyHeartStops)
Smyglyssna – On Partiklar Och Lyktstolpar (Plug Research)
Chevel – San Quentin Ave (Enklav.)
Charles Cohen – The Boy and the Snake Dance (Morphine Records)
Atlus – A Little More Time (Mister Saturday Night Records)
Surgeon – Golden (Tresor)
Pearson Sound – Gristle (Hessle Audio)
Maggi Payne – Back to Forth (Root Strata)
Nagual – Nagual (Ergot Records)
Paki & Visnadi – In A Dark Run (Antinote)
Accelera Deck – Innerstare (Nightshift Mix by Mira Calix) (Rocket Racer)
Thee Come Organization – Untitled (LL Records)
Lituus – PRTN:_001/.1 (Avian)
Robert Hood – Method (Peacefrog Records)
Gifted & Blessed – The Winds Have Passed (Gifted & Blessed)
Claude Young – Float (Elypsia)
Quäker – Fluegelhorn (unGleich)
Paki & Visnadi – Migration (Antinote)
Reflection – Cube Loop (Clear)
Surgeon – Preview (Tresor)
Unknown Artist – Untitled
Pendle Coven – Lost Twistors (Modern Love)