Experiment Intrinsic France 02

01 – 05 AUGUST 2019

Following a profound and revitalising first edition in France 2017, Experiment Intrinsic aims to continue and expand the project further.

INTRINSIC France places to visit around Le Parc de Josephine Baker

Experiment Intrinsic

Our 4-day immersive gathering combines a mix of ambient and experimental music, visual mapping, yoga, meditation and workshops. 

With an intimate capacity of just 300 people, the festival is located in the heart of the Dordogne, set in the stunning surroundings of Le Parc de Joséphine Baker, France.

By providing a welcoming space, high-quality sound system, and carefully curated bookings, our intention remains to bring together like-minded people for a weekend away from civilisation and everyday life.

Le Parc de Josephine Baker

A park where world peace conferences were organised, an open space that children could play, and a place dedicated to the celebration of music, dance, theatre and film. 

Designed by Joséphine Baker in the 1970s and based on the experiences that marked her life as a woman and artist, today, the Park is once again an institution devoted to culture, the arts, education and actions for the benefit of fraternity and ecology.

The Park lies at the Dordogne river, complemented with a Music Hall, Cuban Theatre, a swimming pool, bar and restaurant.

“There is only one race, the human race” – Josephine Baker

Le Parc de Joséphine Baker, – Sous les Milandes, 24250 Castelnaud-la-Chapelle


Whilst Experiment Intrinsic 2017’s festival was without a doubt our greatest achievement to date, the possibility to continue lies in a delicate balance.

As some may or may not be aware, the viability of running a festival for a capacity of under 500 people leaves organisers without a possibility of making profit in the long term. In this way, Experiment Intrinsic can be seen as a non-profit project that can only be sustained by filling the capacity of the site.

For this reason it is crucial to register your interest with us.

Having said this we’re still driven to keep the intimacy and quality of the festival and continue investing our energy into creating a special experience for all.

Please find below the programme from our previous edition.
Be sure to check for announcements for 2019’s lineup


For the next year we are introducing an advanced tickets sale system.
This is simply a way of raising the necessary funds needed to put on the event. 

£180 festival tickets will include a four-day pass, access to all workshops and free site camping ground.

In order to proceed with logistics and confirm the line-up we are aiming to secure 300 places with a deposit system of £80 by end of January 2019, remaining payment of £100 should be completed by end of April.

If we do not meet our target full refunds for deposits will be returned in March (minus £5 booking fee).

You can help support the project also by spreading the word and introducing your closest friends to the festival.


Located just 2-minute walk from Le Parc de Josephine Baker the camping site it’s free of charge.

For those who wish to camp and travel light, there will be a limited number of spacious furnished bell tents that will be available for bookings in April.

5 people / 5m – £600 or 4 people / 4m – £500

Good selection of private accommodation is also available in the area.

Please be warned that August is a very busy period for the local area and we advise you to secure external accommodation arrangements at the earliest convenience after March.

Airport Transfer

We will be providing bus service from and to local Toulouse airport.
approximate drive 2.5h – 
£50 return ticket

Inbound: Thursday 03 August 14:30 pm
Outbound: Monday 07 August 13:00 pm

Available to book after March 2019


For 2019 we hope to develop the concept further, with a focus on Experiment Intrinsic resident artists, as well as welcoming new additions to the experience.

We are grateful to have an incredible location, a passionate team, and a determination to deliver another memorable weekend.

We cannot wait to create this space again together and explore its possibilities. 


In order to register, please process a deposit of £80 by end of January 2019.

Please note remaining payment of £100 should be completed by end of April 2019.

Failure to complete remaining payments shall result in loss of the deposit.

Please contact us in case of name transfers.


More Info

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions and information.

Our mailing address is: