Baby Vulture

“The ear hears, the brain listens, and the body senses vibrations’
(Pauline Oliveros)

Daniela Huerta is a multimedia artist whose repertoire encompasses drawing, video and performance.

Her interest in sound and music encouraged her to develop her own musical direction under the moniker Baby Vulture.

Sound has become her most genuine, playful and active material to work with; this being her immediate vehicle to unfold various emotions, sometimes narrating a story and other times just allowing the sounds to be purely themselves and nothing more.
In an almost archeological manner, she digs for distinct music which she can incorporate into transportive collages which bridge unrelated fragments of sound in mesmerising ways. She is interested in the mysterious process of listening in order to open a whole new sonic and sensorial universe.

Baby Vulture is in search of incorporating her physical presence and her voice as significant tools which will gradually depict and unveil her own yet hidden language.