Andrew James Gustav

Andrew James Gustav

Novelty is always a thing of the moment, but when an artist can transcend time and cultural trend, their work achieves a new level of relevance.

Andrew James Gustav’s taste for often left-of-field, off-kilter club records has piqued the ears of listeners around the world.

Distinctively percussive and quietly unhinged, his penchant for the obscure and the peculiar reaches deep, applying a unique and refreshing perspective to the craft of DJing.

While making his name playing at house and techno parties, his enduring love for esoteric sounds has resulted in an aesthetic that translates just as easily to ambient and downtempo situations as it does to high-energy clubbing spaces.

Recorded at Experiment Intrinsic France 01
05 August 2017 – Dordogne
Le Parc de Joséphine Baker