Amy Bisazza


Amy has been delving into the world of the healing arts since she was a teenager. Her initial interest in the philosophy of Buddhism and yoga grew to lifelong devotion.

After studying Developmental Psychology at University she started her first Yoga teacher training in 2007. She initially trained with The Yoga Academy, as a British Wheel of Yoga accredited Hatha Yoga teacher. She also experimented with other different yoga schools like Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Believing in the infinite power of our mind, Amy Bisazza also explored the principles of Reiki. She acquired the Reiki Master level diploma, which allowed her to practice and teach this ancient Japanese healing technique since 2000.

Nevertheless, Amy Bisazza complete her Gong Meditation teacher training with Don Conreaux. This transformational experience directed her to the Karam Kriya School and her Kundalini awakening. She continues to witness in herself and others how the power of sound healing can bring us back into a state of surrender and grace, allowing our lives to unfold organically, and our souls to guide us.