Adrian Northover

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“For me, improvisation affects all aspects of sound creation…
it implies the possibility of infinite variety.”

The curious ear of Adrian Northover seeks refuge in the immediacy of performance, and revels in the certainty of uncertainty.

Live collaborations represent the process of renegotiating ideas, where the synergy between performers and space, including the audience, creates an ever expanding palette of ideas.
Largely self taught and inspired by the liberal ideas of free jazz, Northover’s years have been spent studying a variety of saxophones that include the alto, soprano and sopranino.

From an early age he found the immediacy of sound production stimulating, ultimately leading him to improvised music. Now operating on the London circuit, his work varies from live film events and Thelonious Monk interpretations to avant garde performance.

Becoming increasingly interested by uniqueness, and less by technique, Northover drops this pedantism to pursue a world that contains infinite possibilities.