elevation and healing through limitless experimentation with the arts, bringing together like-minded people within an intimate setting

our story

We are a group of people who have been involved in the electronic music scene for a while which increased our desire to explore its deepness.

We encourage artists to enhance their spirit by offering them the freedom to experiment and explore an atmospheric infiniteness in sound or visual art, which organically blend in relation to each other.

We aim to intimately surround them with people who lift this creation higher.
A creation with the value to awaken a free-minded, spiritual and altogether
heart-warming feel.

our experiment

13 December 2014
visuals Coté

Just before the moon yawned dawn and broke through the shadows of the night, we ventured in search of a new experience.

Mysteriously and intimately we laid our scene, revealing a hidden art dimension organically blended with the visual and musical imagination.

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Introducing our new membership policy.
A limited number of 20 places are available for our forthcoming dates:
£50 – 2 events
£80 – 4 events
Please contact us if you require any further information.